Today, there are more recent solutions to most everyday needs, including choosing and purchasing goods. Every day, fewer people buy a product without proper investigation. Consumers are already ahead of the purchase of the right extensive choices and existing information are most likely to be used. Costumers today demand more options and tend to choose more precisely. Today’s life undoubtedly makes shopping a new, cleverer, and more enjoyable one. Nevertheless, the number of people who use internet services and costumers who shop online is growing rapidly.




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PGMA is one of the specialized websites for reviewing and selling Internet furniture in Iran. Different groups of goods, such as furniture, table and chairs, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, and many more. With our unique range of furniture, decoration and home appliances, we offer a wide range of products. PGMA’s users and customers can check out its website with the highest confidence and get the most out of your product with the highest possible precision and complete information on choosing the right product for you. It’s always the best choice and service that PGMA’s customers deserve. The priorities of PGMA holding is to produce and provide the technical content needed by users with the highest standards to facilitate the process before they are purchased. For PGMA’s management, it is very important for our customers to choose their specialized product with the highest accuracy and ease. PGMA do not hesitate to try to improve the quality of our customers’ purchases and always strives to create the most value for our customers. And is constantly trying to provide the best environment before, during, and after the purchase for its users and customers.

With our wide range of reputable brands in different groups and in close cooperation with the main importers and distributors of these goods in Iran, we are trying to meet the different needs of our customers with their different uses. Fully competitive and affordable prices, along with the desirable quality of after-sales service, are among the priorities of our virtual furniture store, decoration and home appliances. Understanding the importance of this issue for our customers and by utilizing the ultimate power and tools available in its interactions with suppliers, it tries to provide the lowest prices and best service.
Shopping incentive schemes have always been a concern for our customers, and PGMA has always been paying significant discounts on various incentive schemes to appreciate its loyal customers. The quality and ease of use of our specialized furniture store, decoration and home appliances, and the services provided by it, have always been one of the most important and most up-to-date issues in our company, and all its technical and professional staff are doing their utmost. To provide the most up-to-date web-based services and facilitate all the processes of reviewing, choosing and purchasing goods on PGMA website, providing a good service and an enjoyable experience for our audience.

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